About Us


P.T. Surabaya Express in one of the largest heavy transport and crane rental companies in Indonesia. With more than 35 years of experience in strong international and domestic network, we also provide other service such as Forklift Rental, Custom Clearance and Container Depot.



We are established in the year 1980. PT Surabaya Express are fortunate to have started in the city of Surabaya which not only the gateway city of eastern Indonesia but the second busiest city of Indonesia. In the year 2005, we had expanded and opened a branch office in Jakarta which focuses solely on the western region of the Indonesian market and offers rental services for Cranes, Custom heavy Equipment, and Trailer Transportation.





We are dedicated to be the leading service provider of heavy transportation and heavy lifting industry in Indonesia





We are commited to provide the best service by continuously invest in better equipment. Coupled with the relentless attitude of our employees, we will present the most effective and efficient solution to their various projects.